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  • Session 1: June 9 at 12pm PT
  • Session 2: June 16 at 12pm PT
  • Session 3: June 23 at 12pm PT
  • Session 4: June 30 at 12pm PT


A MINISTRY THAT OFFERS: *New insights on the culture of abuse & trauma * Tools & Resources for support * Strategies for sensitized response * Ways to create sanctuary space for conversation and advocacy * Avenues of empowerment for survivors

My empowerment workshop for those desiring liberation or for the newly liberated is called: “Failed Fairytale- How To Stay Free and Flourish!” Born from my experience as a survivor, with necessary HACKS and revelations that will set survivors free, and keep them free from repeating the cycle! 

We can make a difference in our lifetime through education, action and compassion.  

On October 7-11, 2019, through DSF Discover, I offered a 5- hour online class to help you create safer space in your sanctuary and deepen your knowledge around this Public Health Crisis. The UN*SILENCE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Training is now available as a self study online course, that qualifies for CEU units. The course is available now through Thresholds of the Soul with Rev. Dr. Katy Valentine. 

Click here to register.   

For more information please contact Rev. Courtney Armento at

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