Behind the Scenes: Resolution GA-1928: A Call to See and Respond to the Crisis Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence (DV/IPV)
Rev. Courtney Armento presenting GA-1928 at the General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) July 2019

Resolution GA-1928 is a call for specific action around creating sensitized sanctuary spaces for conversations and advocacy concerning Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence (DV/IPV). Courtney is passionate about assisting churches in Cultivating healing spaces for survivors, developing resources for restoring emotional health, and resilience and weaving these conversations into church life. More Specifically, how to respond appropriately to someone in your midst who might be suffering in silence and in plain sight. She teaches the specifics, nuances and dynamics of Intimate Partner Violence that many people miss; and conveys how prevalent Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is in our communities. Due to the profoundly embedded culture of shame, many never report abuse, nor receive the support needed to make life changes that empower individuals to safely end abusive relationships, heal and engage in healthy relationships through the employment of strong boundaries.

Courtney believes in Christ as salvific model toward self-awareness, wholeness, wellness, and flourishing. Leading with compassion, she develops models of support that encourage communities to embrace space for lament and grief as modalities towards claiming the fullness of life! Biblically, lament was culturally centric to life’s loss process and availed a way forward.

One of the asks in the resolution, is that each local church and region add a page, on their website dedicated to abuse specific resources. She has compiled offerings to get you started, you will need to search your local area shelters and support agencies to add to your site for your context. Courtney has developed a tool box of resources and information which will prepare you to shatter shame, silence, and stigma by bringing simple initiatives to your church context.

-Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence are cyclical dynamics where on partner exudes power and control over the other, often repeated generationally. Children who witness Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence (DV/IPV) often subconsciously make painful relationship choices. Teens re-enact behavior they have witness or emulate pop culture. The media is saturated with overt and covert messages that glamorize violence, dominance and Intimate Partner Violence. With this normalization, victims are shamed and re-traumatized when they bear the courage to come forward. Historically, there have been few safe spaces to trust. I am asking the church to become a haven for trust. A proper posture of response includes ways of engendering dignity, compassion, affirmation, and support, in a judgement-free, and blameless space

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