My name is Courtney Armento, and I co-authored the newly adopted resolution on violence in intimate spaces now known as GA-1928, A Call To See And Respond to the Crisis of Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence, for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). I offer workshops for Clergy, Laity, and the community around the complex nuances of abuse, how to respond with heightened sensitivity and how to create safer spaces for survivors. It is important that we weave the reality of the prevalence of abuse and the possibility of healing into the Christian conversation. Domestic Violence is a Public Health Crisis, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

As a survivor of Domestic AND Intimate Partner Violence (DV/IPV), I am passionate about reducing the prevalence of this violence in my lifetime. God has called me to use my face, voice and  first-hand knowledge to impact our collective consciousness for education, advocacy and change.  Yes, I have had experiences with both DV and IPV, however, I am not ashamed of that, and do not let that define me.  DV/IPV are cyclical which means, quite simply that they are repeated over and over generationally. Cyclical also denotes the circular recurrence of the 3 distinct markers of violence within an abusive relationship. The markers of abuse are: the Tension Building Phase, the Violent Episode Phase, and the Remorse/Honeymoon Phase.

After the resolution was adopted Rev. Yvonne McCoy and I began to build a custom and accessible learning infrastructure to aid others in their call to respond appropriately to those who suffer in silence in plain sight. We were soon joined by other impassioned Pastors and…

In 2019, WHOLE Disciples was born. We are a group of passionate folx committed to broadening the awareness and education in the general church around abuse and empowering leaders and communities of faith to take action in their contexts. Our short-term goal is education that facilitates compassionate response to survivors of abuse. Our Long term goals are dismantling shame, stigma and  silence (S3) which press survivors into the abyss of marginalization and youth/young adult empowerment that ensures they can opt out of harmful relationship dynamics thereby breaking the cycle of violence. On May 25th, 2021 WHOLE Disciples launched via a webinar hosted by the NBA. Click here to view.

This site is dedicated to the up leveling of our communities around conversation, support and action for those whose lives are touched by Domestic or Intimate Partner Violence. Join me in creating safer spaces for the flourishing of ALL of God’s people.

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